A Perfect Circle – The Nurse Who Loved Me- Say Hello

The Nurse Who Loved Me - A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle entitled their second studio album Thirteenth Step, a reference to addiction and the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, releasing it in ... Read More

Right In Two – Tool- Monkey Killing Monkey

Right In Two - Tool

In 2006 Tool released their epic album 10,000 Days. The title was chosen to reflect the period of time between 1976, when singer/songwriter Maynard James ... Read More

a perfect circle

A Perfect Circle – 3 Libras – Being Overlooked

A Perfect Circle was formed in 1999 by Tool singer songwriter Maynard James Keenan and guitarist Billy Howerdel. The two met and became friends when Fishbone ... Read More

U of Music’s Top Songs About Society

With the changes currently sweeping through society, The U of Music is celebrating by offering a list of songs that reflect those changes. Redemption Song ... Read More

pearl jam 10

U of Music’s Top 50 Albums of the 90s

U of Music's Top 50 Albums of the 90s                                 Ten - Pearl Jam   Nevermind - Nirvana   OK Computer - Radiohead   Alice In ... Read More


Rosetta Stoned – Tool – Alrighty Then… Picture This If You Will

Rosetta Stoned - Tool

In May of 2006 Tool unleashed their masterful 10,000 Days and within that release lay their epic aural experience “Rosetta Stoned.” At over eleven minutes long, ... Read More