Say Hello 2 Heaven – Temple of the Dog to Reunite for US Tour

Say Hello 2 Heaven - Temple of the Dog

On March 16, 1990 Andrew Wood, singer/songwriter for Mother Love Bone, a rising Seattle band on the cusp of mass acclaim, was found in a comatose state by his ... Read More

Stone Gossard

Daughter – Happy Birthday Stone Gossard

Guitarist/songwriter Stone Gossard, like his musical compatriot Chris Cornell, was born on July 20, 1966 in Seattle, Washington. After time spent briefly in ... Read More

Crown of Thorns – Mother Love Bone – Andrew Wood’s Shooting Star

Crown Of Thorns - Mother Love Bone

In 1987 Lords of the Wasteland was formed in Seattle, Washington by ex Malfunkshun singer/songwriter Andrew Wood and drummer Regan Hagar, along with two former ... Read More

Pearl jam

Pearl Jam – Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town - Pearl Jam

Vs., Pearl Jam’s second album and the follow up to their massively successful debut Ten, was produced with the intention of presenting a more versatile sound. ... Read More

Pearl Jam

Crazy Mary – Pearl Jam – What You Fear The Most Could Meet You Half Way

Victoria Williams is a singer/songwriter originally from Shreveport, Louisiana. Her unique ability to place engaging tales into her music, like the novelists ... Read More

Reach Down- Temple of the Dog- The Soulful Mastery of Mike McCready

Reach Down - Temple of the Dog

In 1986, at the age of twenty, guitarist Mike McCready left his Seattle home for Los Angeles with his band Shadow, the dream of establishing a career in music, ... Read More