George Harrison – Run Of The Mill – It’s You That Decides

Run Of The Mill - George Harrison

By the time they commenced the troubled Get Back sessions in early 1969 The Beatles were slowly disintegrating. Paul McCartney was feuding with George Harrison ... Read More

U of Music’s Top 15 Left Handed Musicians

The U of Music's Top 15 left handed musicians. This list does not include left handed musicians who play right handed. Jimi Hendrix Paul McCartney - ... Read More

I’m Only Sleeping – The Beatles – Still Dreaming at 50

I'm Only Sleeping - The Beatles

Fifty years ago, on April 27, 1966, The Beatles began recording “I’m Only Sleeping” at EMI Studios in London. It was originally released on the mutilated baby ... Read More


U of Music’s Greatest Songwriting Duos in Rock History

Lists are not an accurate way of judging music - for example John Paul Jones was involved in much of Led Zeppelin’s songwriting. Our lists are made in the ... Read More

A Day In The Life – The Beatles- Music is Reborn With the Stroke of a Chord

A Day in the Life - The Beatles

Into the music landscape of 1967 that was alive with hits like "Apple Peaches Pumpkin Pie" and "To Sir With Love," The Beatles rang the mournfully resounding ... Read More