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U of Music’s Greatest Acoustic Artists Of All Time

Shelter From The Storm - Bob Dylan

Our picks for the 20 greatest acoustic artists of all time...         Bob Dylan Neil Young Paul Simon Joni Mitchell Ryan Adams James ... Read More

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U of Music’s Top 50 Albums of the 90s

U of Music's Top 50 Albums of the 90s                                 Ten - Pearl Jam   Nevermind - Nirvana   OK Computer - Radiohead   Alice In ... Read More

U of Music’s Top 20 Contemporary Acoustic Based Artists or Bands

1. Ryan Adams 2. Beck 3. Ray LaMontagne 4. Avett Brothers 5. Gregory Alan Isakov 6. Sun Kil Moon 7. Gillian Welch 8. Patty Griffin 9. Bon Iver 10. ... Read More