The Rolling Stones – I Just Want To See His Face – Masterpiece of the Early 70s

I Just Want To See His Face - The Rolling Stones

Exile On Main Street, released by The Rolling Stones in May of 1972, is one of rock history’s unprecedented masterpieces. Singer/songwriter Tom Waits called ... Read More


U of Music’s Greatest Songwriting Duos in Rock History

Lists are not an accurate way of judging music - for example John Paul Jones was involved in much of Led Zeppelin’s songwriting. Our lists are made in the ... Read More

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The Rolling Stones – Winter- Songs of the Season

Winter - The Rolling Stones

Some songs aren't necessarily special because of their connection to a greater meaning or because of their intricate musical construction. A song’s value can be ... Read More

The Rolling Stones – Memory Motel-You’re Just a Memory

Memory Motel - The Rolling Stones

"Memory Motel," a lovesick gem from the Rolling Stones’ 1976 album Black And Blue, is a biographical ballad that was co-written and sung by Mick Jagger and ... Read More