Nirvana – Scentless Apprentice – You Can’t Fire Me Because I Quit

Scentless Apprentice - Nirvana

In 1985 German writer Patrick Süskind published his dark tale “Das Parfum.” Set in 18th century France, it tells the tale of a bastard, Grenouille, dropped from ... Read More

U of Music’s Top 15 Left Handed Musicians

The U of Music's Top 15 left handed musicians. This list does not include left handed musicians who play right handed. Jimi Hendrix Paul McCartney - ... Read More


What Would You Choose? – Filter – God Damn Me

God Damn Me - Filter

For all of us there exists the disparity between who we are and who we would ideally like to be. Some ignore the pursuit of the ideal and become reconciled with ... Read More

kurt cobain

Where Did You Sleep Last Night – Remembering Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain, one of music’s most treasured spirits, was born February 20, 1967 in Aberdeen, Washington. When he was seven his parents divorced, sending his life ... Read More

Nirvana – Nevermind – Straight From the Imagination of Kurt Cobain

In Bloom - Nirvana

On September 24, 1991, a trio from Seattle, Washington presented their musical proclamation to the world with a front cover depicting a baby boy with stiff ... Read More

Nirvana – Big Long Now – Why Can’t I Leave

Kurt Cobain agreed to release Insesticide, a compilation album of demos, outtakes and radio broadcast recordings, in December of 1992 when it was agreed that he ... Read More