Alice In Chains – Heaven Beside You- A Harmony of Light and Dark

Heaven Beside You - Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains, the band’s self titled follow up to their reflective Jar Of Flies EP, was released in November of 1995. The original CD was packaged in a ... Read More

Alice In Chains – Brother – Jerry Cantrell Builds A Bridge

In 1992 Alice In Chains released their first studio EP, Sap, named for a dream had by drummer Sean Kinney. Following their tour for Facelift they originally ... Read More

Rotten Apple- Happy Birthday Mike Inez

Rotten Apple - Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains' bassist Mike Inez, of Philippine descent, was born on May 14, 1966 in San Fernando, California. He began his professional career in 1989 as a ... Read More

Jerry Cantrell

Jerry Cantrell – Degradation Trip- In The End We Are What We Pretend To Be

Give It A Name - Jerry Cantrell

In 1998 Jerry Cantrell locked himself in a remote house in the Cascade Mountains and went into a creative frenzy, recording 25 songs with a 4 track tape ... Read More

Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains – Would? – The Stormy Sea of Addiction

In September of 1992 Alice In Chains released Dirt, not only their highest selling album, but one which defined their signature sound. That sound, a distinctive ... Read More

Pretty Done – Alice In Chains – Resignation Accepted

Pretty Done - Alice In Chains

Since the band's inception, Alice In Chains’ road has been dark and ominous. Between the constant burden of Layne Staley’s heroin addiction, battles with record ... Read More

alice in chains

Alice In Chains – Jar Of Flies- Layne Staley Battles the Shifty Eyed Lady

I Stay Away - Alice in Chains

After touring to promote their Dirt album and performing at Lollapalooza in 1993, Alice In Chains returned to Seattle to find themselves evicted from their ... Read More