Daughter – Happy Birthday Stone Gossard

Guitarist/songwriter Stone Gossard, like his musical compatriot Chris Cornell, was born on July 20, 1966 in Seattle, Washington. After time spent briefly in March of Crimes and Green River (arguably the first grunge band), Gossard found himself frustrated over his inability to pursue his music freely. In 1988 Green River disbanded due to artistic differences between Gossard/Jeff Ament and vocalist/guitarist Mark Arm who accused the pair of chasing commercialism. Gossard quickly formed Mother Love Bone with Ament, drummer Bruce Fairweather and Malfunkshun singer Andrew Wood. When Wood overdosed in 1990, Gossard, Ament, guitarist Mike McCready and singer Eddie Vedder joined Chris Cornell to form a musical tribute to Wood, Temple of the Dog. Pearl Jam evolved from that project and Gossard was slowly able to give form and sound to his musical dream. To hear the imaginative nuances in Pearl Jam’s music is to understand the careful artistry Gossard brings to a song. While responsible, along with Vedder, for co-writing many of Pearl Jam’s greatest songs like “Alive,” “Even Flow,” “Daughter” and “Black,” it is Gossard’s innovative, atmospheric, mood setting guitar work that complements McCready’s more obvious and noticeable lead style and creates much of the drama and appeal in Pearl Jam’s monumental offering of great music. If there is a guitarist who can be called the most understated genius in the history of rock it very well may be the thoughtful, unassuming and highly underrated Stone Gossard.