Alice In Chains – Brother – Jerry Cantrell Builds A Bridge

In 1992 Alice In Chains released their first studio EP, Sap, named for a dream had by drummer Sean Kinney. Following their tour for Facelift they originally ... Read More

Happy Birthday Pete Townshend – Rock Music’s Ultimate Composer

Ten days after Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allied forces in WWII, Peter Townshend was born, on May 19, 1945. Friendless as a child, often bullied over the ... Read More

Allman Brothers

In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed – The Allman Brothers Band

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed - The Allman Brothers Band

Elizabeth Reed, a young Southern woman, came to Macon, Georgia to attend Wesleyan College in 1860. She married a Confederate Army Captain named Briggs Napier in ... Read More

gregg allman

Queen of Hearts – The Gregg Allman Tour – 1974

Queen of Hearts - Gregg Allman

In 1974 Gregg Allman released The Gregg Allman Tour, a follow up double live album to his treasured 1973 solo release Laid Back. Taken from performances at ... Read More