Right In Two – Tool- Monkey Killing Monkey

Right In Two - Tool

In 2006 Tool released their epic album 10,000 Days. The title was chosen to reflect the period of time between 1976, when singer/songwriter Maynard James ... Read More

Stone Temple Pilots- Plush

Scott Weiland first met bassist Robert DeLeo in the mid 80s when their bands were sharing the stage at concert in Long Beach, California. Eventually DeLeo’s ... Read More

Jerry Cantrell

Jerry Cantrell – Degradation Trip- In The End We Are What We Pretend To Be

Give It A Name - Jerry Cantrell

In 1998 Jerry Cantrell locked himself in a remote house in the Cascade Mountains and went into a creative frenzy, recording 25 songs with a 4 track tape ... Read More


What Would You Choose? – Filter – God Damn Me

God Damn Me - Filter

For all of us there exists the disparity between who we are and who we would ideally like to be. Some ignore the pursuit of the ideal and become reconciled with ... Read More

Soundgarden – Superunknown – Fell On Black Days

1993 found Soundgarden in a curious position. Their metallic brand of pop adverse hard rock placed them in the position of being universally recognized as ... Read More

pearl jam 10

U of Music’s Top 50 Albums of the 90s

U of Music's Top 50 Albums of the 90s                                 Ten - Pearl Jam   Nevermind - Nirvana   OK Computer - Radiohead   Alice In ... Read More


U of Music’s 20 Greatest 3 Piece Rock Bands Of All Time

U of Music's 20 Favourite 3 Piece Rock Bands Of All Time                     Jimi Hendrix Experience Nirvana Cream Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double ... Read More