Band of Horses – For Annabelle

Shortly after Band Of Horses released Cease To Begin in 2007 they added keyboardist Ryan Monroe, singer/songwriter/guitarist Tyler Ramsey and bassist Bill Reynolds. When they began recording Infinite Arms (2010), Ben Bridwell decided to sever ties with Sub Pop and used his own label, Brown Records, “because I (Bridwell) did fund the record myself and (we) produced it ourselves, we just really wanted to make sure that we can have our hands in the pie. Many of the tracks were recorded in a cabin in north Minnesota near the Canadian border.”

“For Annabelle” illustrates the album’s intimate poetic feel. Bridwell said of the song, “This is a homage to my daughter, as at the time of writing my wife was pregnant with our first child and I guess impending fatherhood was probably the main influence or inspiration for the song.” The song is rooted in Americana and softly whispers Bridwell’s tender message like wind passing through the tops of pines outside that cabin in Minnesota. The first verse appears to describe his relationship with his daughter as a child and in the last verse he is “old folk” with monsters lingering in his past who watches his daughter leave the nest like “a great bird is flying away from our family tree.” The song, a three minute sketch, might take a lifetime to truly understand.

“If I want to walk home with you
Hearing every word, thinking it’s true
In a barren field for us to cut through
On our victory lap ‘cross an old street cat

That turns to stop and see you
A small stone somewhere in your shoe
All day long
All day long

The old folks wake up for the day
Seeing the monsters have lingered from the past
And a great bird is flying away
From our family tree; something wrong with me

I’ve got a secret or two
Hiding somewhere but
It won’t take long
No it won’t take long