Bruce Springsteen – Coming Of Age On The Backstreets

Backstreets - Bruce Springsteen

"Backstreets," released in 1975 on Bruce Springsteen's classic Born To Run, was the final song on the first side of the original vinyl version. It exemplified ... Read More

Alice In Chains – Heaven Beside You- A Harmony of Light and Dark

Heaven Beside You - Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains, the band’s self titled follow up to their reflective Jar Of Flies EP, was released in November of 1995. The original CD was packaged in a ... Read More

The Rolling Stones – I Just Want To See His Face – Masterpiece of the Early 70s

I Just Want To See His Face - The Rolling Stones

Exile On Main Street, released by The Rolling Stones in May of 1972, is one of rock history’s unprecedented masterpieces. Singer/songwriter Tom Waits called ... Read More