• Bruce Springsteen

    4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) - Bruce Springsteen

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  • The Jayhawks

    The Jayhawks - Two Angels - Hank Williams On Speed

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  • stone temple pilots

    Stone Temple Pilots - Big Bang Baby- Nothing's For Free

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  • Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man-The Dream Is Over

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  • The Beatles

    Sun King - The Beatles

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  • the black angels

    Science Killer - The Black Angels- A Journey To Everywhere and Nowhere

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  • Bob Mould

    Black Sheets Of Rain- Ryan Adams Covers Bob Mould

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  • Kurt Cobain

    Remembering Kurt Cobain - The Man Who Sold The World - Nirvana Unplugged

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  • Layne Staley

    Remembering Layne Staley

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Somewhere around 1991 Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink met at the Alabama School of Fine Arts at the age of 15. By 2001 they formed Azure Ray and released their first self titled album. "4th Of July" is a Read More
Gregg Allman offered his first solo album Laid Back in 1973, only a few months after the Allman Brothers Band released their classic Brothers And Sisters. Laid Back was precisely what its title implied; Read More
The U of Music greets this celebratory day with a tribute to the 42nd anniversary of the greatest love song ever to emerge from the heart and soul of Bruce Springsteen, Read More
Wolf Alice are an intriguing four piece rock band from North London that originally formed as a folk based duo consisting of singer/songwriter/guitarist Ellie Rowsell and singer/songwriter/guitarist Joff Read More
"Ain't No More Cane" is a traditional prison work song from the American South. Prisoners were assigned to hard labour duty in which they had to cut sugar cane along the banks of the Brazos Read More
Neil Percival Young, perhaps the greatest singer songwriter in the history of rock music, was born on November 12, 1945 in Toronto, Canada. As a teen, Young played folk clubs and was Read More
With the changes currently sweeping through society, The U of Music is celebrating by offering a list of songs that reflect those changes Read More
Wilco released Summerteeth, their third studio album, in March of 1999. The recording process, which lasted a little over a year, was fraught with and influenced by intense conflict. Singer/songwriter Read More
In 2003 the Drive-By Truckers released their fifth album Decoration Day. It offered a mellower, more personal approach than its raucous predecessor Southern Rock Opera. It is filled with the struggles Read More
Chris Squire was born on March 4, 1948 in Kingsbury, London. From a very early age his inclination was to explore music. His father, a cab driver, often played jazz music but Squire had a passion for church Read More
Listening to the music of Elliott Smith is an exercise in enduring conflict. There is the certainty of sharing in his deep despair, the confessions of a man torn apart by depression, thoughts of suicide, Read More
In order to appreciate the music of singer/songwriter Andrew Combs, it is helpful to hear his own assessment of his life experience, “I sometimes find myself wondering what the hell I am doing with Read More
In 2004 singer songwriter Ben Bridwell exited the band Carissa’s Wierd and formed Band of Horses in Seattle, Washington. Since their formation they have seen numerous lineup changes and have released Read More
Led Zeppelin released “The Rain Song,” one of rock’s most moving ballads, on their 1973 Houses Of The Holy album. Famed record producer Rick Rubin said, "I don't even know what Read More
Quadrophenia, a monumental concept album released by The Who in October of 1973, was the brainchild of Pete Townshend who also composed most of the music and lyrics. Townshend did extensive field recording Read More
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